Zoncn’s Low-Voltage Inverter Was Successfully Used in The Pump Project

The Z5000 series Special frequency converter for water pump is part of the # ZONCN Low Voltage Drive family.


Let's take a look at the specifications of this drive:


A,Technical features

1: Constant voltage fluctuation

Regardless of whether the water outlet is closed quickly or slowly, the fluctuation of the constant pressure value will not exceed 0.02Mpa.

2: Constant voltage regulation

There is no need for complicated parameter adjustment. You only need to use the up and down keys of the frequency converter to adjust the constant voltage value. If you want it to be higher, increase it or decrease it if you want it to be lower.

3: Three major functions

The inverter not only has automatic constant voltage function, but also has solar energy function and water level mode function.,

4: Protective function

In addition to basic protection functions. The inverter also has ① water-free protection ② leakage protection ③ feedback loss protection ④ high and low voltage protection


B, VFD model selection

The selection of water pump inverter is generally based on the motor power. In order to prevent over-pressure water supply, it is recommended to use it in a stalled manner. According to the above needs of customers, Z5400A00 backpack series water pump special frequency converter can be selected. For example: motor specification 380V/7.5KW, inverter Z5400A0011K-BF can be selected


Z5400 Performance characteristics of special frequency converters for backpack series water pumps


◆The hardware is specially designed to withstand earthquakes.

◆The wiring protective cover is waterproof.

◆The motherboard comes with its own battery, which can be used for scheduled power on and off.

◆The protection level is IP65, with waterproof and dustproof performance.

◆Ultra-low driving decibels, achieving silent operation

◆Standard MODBUS communication protocol can be controlled by the host computer.

◆Solar control mode allows the system to work even without electricity.